360° Services

Extensive knowledge of the market, an experienced team of professionals and continuous development allow us to provide our partners with 360 services – starting from analysis, design and product concept, all the way to implementation and comprehensive customer service. A holistic approach to each project guarantees a quick implementation of new projects.

Project management

  • Analysis of the project brief.
  • Support from an experienced Key Account Manager throughout the entire process – from the concept to completion.
  • Preparing and discussing an individual offer for each client.
  • Execution of the product implementation plan in accordance with the optimal schedule.

Market trends analysis

  • Many years of experience in the industry and knowledge of current trends.
  • Analysis of current market trends based on the client’s needs.
  • Selection of optimal solutions for the final product based on competitive assessment.

Formulation development and product selection

  • Opracowanie przez doświadczony zespół R&D nowych koncepcji i receptur, spełniających ściśle określone specyfikacje fizyko-chemiczne oraz użytkowe.
  • Dobór odpowiednich surowców:
    • provision of a broad portfolio of ingredients in line with the latest trends, obtained from trusted European suppliers
    • fragrance compositions – classic (including women’s, men’s, unisex), natural compositions, allergen-free compositions, essential oils, etc.
    • dyes – classic dyes (any Pantone colour) and natural dyes (clays, chlorophyll, carotene etc.)
    • selection of the product composition according to its expected properties and marketing claims (e.g. prevention of skin dryness, moisturising effect, gentle care etc.) and specific purpose (vegan, for children, for sensitive skin, for hair care, intimate care etc.).
  • Fast process of preparing product samples, thanks to the two sample lines we own.
  • Selecting the shape of the product from the portfolio or developing an individual form.
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Technical and legislative support

  • Ensuring compliance of the offered formulation with the customer’s requirements and with the current regulations.
  • Knowledge of the legal requirements of product distribution markets.
  • Monitoring changes in cosmetics regulations both in Europe and in the world.
  • Performing the duties of the Responsible Person within the meaning of Art. 4 of Regulation (EC) 1223/2009.
  • Preparation of complete product documentation.

Choice of packaging

  • Selection of packaging from the existing portfolio or development of an individual project:
    • unit packaging: flowpack, multipack, paper wrapping, cardboard box, soap on a string
    • collective packaging: SRP, flap cardboard box.
  • Selection of the optimal packaging material from: FSC paper, recycled and recyclable paper, barrier paper, etc.
  • Development of individual grids and packaging models ready for creation and applying graphics.
  • Support in the preparation of graphic designs and supervision of print implementation through cooperation with major printing houses and creative agencies.


  • Production in a modern machine park under the supervision of our specialists.
  • Ability to transfer production between two independent production sites, as required.
  • Ensuring the flexibility of the production process.


  • Supervision of the quality control department at key stages of product implementation.
  • Conducting stability, compatibility and other tests to ensure product quality and safety.
  • Certificates that guarantee stable, repeatable and high-quality products manufactured by Betasoap for our clients.
  • Implementation of the company’s quality policy based on high standards, allowing us to achieve the set goals and develop our business.


  • Supervision of the Planning Department on the implementation of the adopted product implementation schedule.
  • Execution of orders in accordance with the ordered volume and deadline.
  • Cooperation with key European logistics companies throughout Europe.

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