Soap bars are the world’s essential cleanser, with a pH of 9-11.

As a biodegradable, convenient and efficient product, soap bars are an attractive and desirable product in the eyes of modern consumers.

In response to our customers’ expectations, we offer products tailored to individual requirements, ranging from the economy to the premium segment. The appropriate formulation of the product allows to make a wide range of marketing claims (including: vegan-friendly, a minimum of 98% ingredients of natural origin, biodegradable formula, etc.).

Toilet soap

  • soap in the classic manner
  • composition ensuring perfect removal of impurities from the skin surface
  • intended use - hands and body

Glycerine soap

  • translucent soap
  • provides a hydrating effect on the skin, thanks to its high glycerine content
  • intended use - hands and body

Soap for children

  • gentle formula adapted to children's skin
  • from the first days of life
  • intended use - hands and body

Domestic hard soap

  • traditional formula
  • effectively removes dirt
  • przeznaczenie – do mycia i prania powierzchni materiałowych.
intended use - cleaning and washing fabric surfaces

Soap with scrubbing particles

  • deeply cleanses the skin from impurities
  • helps to remove dead skin cells
  • provides a gentle massage
  • intended use – hands and body.

Vegan soap

  • product formula suitable for vegans
  • does not contain ingredients of animal origin
  • intended use - hands and body

Natural soap

  • soap containing up to 98% ingredients of natural origin
  • certification available: Natrue, Cosmos Naturals etc.
  • intended use - hands and body


  • we are constantly developing new cosmetic solutions
  • we are currently working on deodorising soap, dish soap, pet soap and others

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