As a biodegradable, convenient and efficient product, soap bars are an attractive and desirable product in the eyes of modern consumers.

In response to our customers’ expectations, we offer products tailored to individual requirements, ranging from the economy to the premium segment. The appropriate formulation of the product allows to make a wide range of marketing claims (including: vegan-friendly, a minimum of 98% ingredients of natural origin, biodegradable formula, etc.).


Cosmetics in bars are our answer to the growing expectations of conscious consumers. Designed in line with current trends, they offer a compact and sustainable alternative to liquid cosmetics.

The skin-friendly pH formula (4 – 7) guarantees gentle yet effective care.

Our offering includes shampoo bar, shower bar, shaving bar and much more.

Soap noodles

Soap noodles are the basic ingredient of a soap bar.

They make up between 80 and 99% of the product composition. We offer our clients own soap bases that meet the highest quality standards. Depending on the requirements of the target product, our portfolio includes both opaque and translucent soap noodles.

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