In the 20 years of our activity in the soap market, the portfolio of our company has included a number of professional products developed and produced for internationally renowned organizations: large corporations, as well as smaller companies with a long tradition of trade and professional standing.

The last 15 years is a very important period for our company. It was a time of acquiring the Private Label market and the proliferation of distribution networks in Central Europe – from discount stores to hypermarkets.

There are many different reasons why customers decide to cooperate with Betasoap in the scope of production of soap bar. The most important three are:

  • Client company has possibilities to produce soap, but it cannot achieve such high quality standards as Betasoap. In addition, client company may not have the technological knowledge or facilities needed to produce certain categories of soaps (for example, translucent soap);
  • client company does not have possibilities and / or is not interested in the production of soap bars due to high financial costs needed to run the production process, but believes that for the success of its product offer, it is necessary to place soap bars in the range. Betasoap has a very wide range of production possibilities in terms of the base as well as composition, shape and method of packaging of soap, allowing client companies to implement complete solutions in a very short time;
  • client company, usually a retail chain, has developed its own brand concept, which it wants to create in the soap bar category. In case of a large chain it may even be a national brand, which is within coherent own brand policy.

Since the client list is very long, we mention only a dozen companies in these three categories mentioned above, which will give an idea of in what price areas and on which continents you can find soap produced by Betasoap.

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