Shampoo bar is a mild cosmetic product that washes, cleanses and helps to keep your hair and scalp in good condition thanks to its’ skin-neutral pH. Shampoo bars contain a variety of conditioning ingredients and additives, which makes them suitable for all hair types of different lengths.

Shampoo bars are also an ideal product for people who care about the environment and live an eco-friendly lifestyle. Such bars are usually packed in cardboard boxes or reusable packaging, which help to reduce the use of plastic. They practically do not contain water in the formulation, hence they fit in with the trend of ‘waterless’ cosmetics. Shampoo bars are efficient, convenient to take with you while travelling as they take up little space and can be easily packed in hand luggage without the threat of any spills. They are multifunctional as can be used to wash the whole body, and during travelling can also serve as stain removers.

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