Private label

Betasoap company supplies private label products to most retail chains in Poland. We produce soap and soap alike products for some of them for over 20 years and in few cases from the very beginning of their activity on the Polish market.

Our company supplies retailers’ own brands to Europe, particularly to Central and Eastern European markets, including the Russian market since the beginning of private label in that part of the world. Betasoap supplies also Asian countries’ markets with private label brands for some years now.

We constantly observe the private label market, which is developing rapidly around the world, and it is still not utilized to full extent. More and more retailers require premium cosmetic and soap products in their portfolio. The category of private label used to include only low-price products. Nowadays, a growing importance of private label in the category of premium and luxury products is noted.

Betasoap with its tradition, expertise and knowledge is able to satisfy this growing demand.

The success of our customers is our success.

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