Our soaps

Position of a market leader is a confirmation of the value and trust that our customers have in us. It results from daily care for the quality of service and product development. Our labs are constantly conducting research into the development of new formulations and improving existing ones, to meet the growing needs of consumers.

We offer soaps in many shapes and sizes. Among our products there are:

  • Translucent soap (known as glycerine soap)
  • Two-tone striped soap
  • Creamy combo bar
  • Syndet type washing bar (soap without soap)
  • Certified organic soap
  • Soap with a high level of foam formation (extra foam)
  • Synergic type soap – soap mixture of two colors, each with a different scent and active additive, e.g. .: pinacolada: the white part with moisturizing coconut additive and pineapple yellow part containing an energizing additive
  • Soap with raised massaging dots
  • Potassium soap (liquid soap)
  • The components used in the manufacture of laundry detergents and cleaners
  • Figure-shaped soap

Thanks to our own R & D department, we are also able to develop new technologies that meet the expectations of the most demanding customers.

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