Solid cosmetics is a category of products gaining more and more popularity in the cosmetic market in Europe and around the world. Thanks to the use of a specialized base, which has a neutral pH and excellent cleaning properties, we can produce various body and hair care cosmetic products. This type of base is used in production of a wide range of innovative cosmetics: shampoo bars, body cleansing bars, shower bars, make-up remover bars, intimate hygiene cleansing bars, shaving bars and beard (shampoo) bars.

Shampoo bars and other types of bars we produce, with the appropriate strategy in the selection of packaging and marketing communication, are an ideal solution for companies and brands that want to be environmentally responsible, sustainable-minded and build their image in line with the latest trends: ‘eco’, ‘zero / less waste’, ‘plastic free’, ‘waterless’, ‘vegan’.

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